Dr Sophie Calabretto

“It’s a UNIX system! I know this!” — Lex

Dr Sophie Calabretto

Honorary Senior Lecturer

School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences

Macquarie University

Honorary Associate Professor,

Aerospace & Computational Engineering (ACE) Research Group

School of Engineering

University of Leicester

Industry Fellow

School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences

University of Technology Sydney

Research and teaching grants.


  • UK Fluids Network Boundary Layers and Complex Rotating Flows SIG Travel Funding.
  • Macquarie University Faculty of Science and Engineering Early Career Academic Travel Scheme.


  • Macquarie University Enterprise Partnership Scheme – Partnership Seed Funding, “Controlling supersonic boundary layers in 3d metal printing” (Calabretto and Denier).
  • Macquarie University New Staff Grant (MQNS), “Absolute versus convective instabilities in three-dimensional boundary layers”.


  • Macquarie University Strategic Infrastructure Scheme (MQSIS), “Mathematics in Action” (with Denier and Lustri).


  • NZ Branch of ANZIAM Inc. Student Travel Grant.
  • CSIRO-ANZIAM Student Support Scheme.

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