Dr Sophie Calabretto

“Thinking Machine supercomputers…” — Mr DNA

Dr Sophie Calabretto

Honorary Senior Lecturer

School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences

Macquarie University

Honorary Associate Professor,

Aerospace & Computational Engineering (ACE) Research Group

School of Engineering

University of Leicester

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Teaching experience.

Level I

Mathematics IA, Semester 1 (unit convenor 2017)

Mathematics IA, Semester 2 (unit convenor 2018)

Mathematics IB, Semester 1 (lecturer 2019)

Mathematical Modelling IB (Advanced), Semester 1 (unit convenor 2020)

Mathematical Modelling IB, Semester 1 (lecturer 2020)

Level III

Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos, Semester 2 (unit convenor 2017, 2019; lecturer 2016, 2020)

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