Dr Sophie Calabretto

"'I'm Winston Wolfe. I solve problems.'" — Dr Trent Mattner

Dr Sophie Calabretto

Honorary Senior Lecturer

School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences

Macquarie University

Honorary Associate Professor,

Aerospace & Computational Engineering (ACE) Research Group

School of Engineering

University of Leicester

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PhD projects in fluid mechanics.

I am currently seeking outstanding students, with a strong background in mathematical modelling, to undertake PhDs in the exciting and challenging fields of boundary-layer theory and transition to turbulence.

Possible project topics.

  • Absolute and convective instabilities of developing jets
  • The impact of thermal effects on boundary-layer transition
  • The effect of super-hydrophobic coatings on controlling boundary-layer separation and transition to turbulence

Information for potential graduate students.

For details about Macquarie University’s MRes (Masters of Research) and PhD programs, and how to apply, please read the information available on the Department of Mathematics and Statistics website.

Suitably qualified students should also consider applying for a scholarship -- details of scholarships, and how to apply, can be found on the Macquarie University HDR Scholarship page.

Present post-grad students


  • S. Ceccacci, Control of boundary-layer separation using surface roughness 2020 — present
  • M. Nisar, Absolute and convective instabilities of developing jets 2019 — present
  • B. Smith (based at the University of Leicester) 2018 — present

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